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Direct HR will significantly improve & lower the cost of your payroll, employee benefits, and workforce solutions while eliminating your risks associated with non-compliance.

Reduced Payroll Costs

Direct HR simplifies payroll for businesses.

Whether you would benefit from PEO or Payroll Services, we have a solution that will reduce employment liability, increase profitability, and lower total payroll costs on average 7% to10%.

  • Control overtime and payroll process
  • Lower workers compensation costs
  • Ensure state and federal compliance
  • Payroll tax administration
  • Cloud-based IA integrated HRIS

HR Administration

Today’s tools for tomorrows human resource and business management

Managing the human resources and risk management component of your business can be complicated. Direct HR will reduce your time wasted in transactional HR, ensure total compliance, and provide you the resources necessary to build a benchmark workplace.

  • Eliminate company exposure
  • Strategic alignment of HR deliverables
  • Optimize labor & increase the bottom line
  • Employment practices liability insurance
  • Employee background and drug-free workplace

Increase revenue

While also boosting productivity.

Tracking time and resources is critical to profitability and effectiveness, but it is a challenge to do without burdening your team. You can now see exactly how time has been spent, without wasting anybody’s time trying to generate accurate reports that are automatically and seamlessly created by DirectHR’s software.

Accurate time management & insight

Help you focus on what’s important.

Automate timekeeping, reduce errors, and increase organizational performance. Move from manual time tracking and sign-in sheets to online scheduling and time clocks.

Labor Management

No matter where they are.

With global staff and decentralized workforces, organizations need better time-tracking than ever before. Direct HR allows managers to understand how their teams are working, no matter what time zone they’re in or what hours they choose to keep. Control overtime and absenteeism for better forecasting with our complete HRIS integration.

Employee Benefits

Best in class coverage and benefits administration

A high quality, cost-effective benefits programs allow you to offer the competitive benefits necessary to attract and retain the top employees. Our licensed agents will build a customized benefits package from the largest range of insurance options available to fit your requirements and budget.  

  • Health, Dental, Vision & Disability
  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan
  • Benefits Administration
  • FTE calculations, 1094-C and 1095-C filings.
  • COBRA Administration

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